2Wire DSL Modem Drop Out Constantly

I have DSL from ATT for the past two years under the smallest plan. Its speed? like snail… I got too tired of it and upgraded to the highest plan last week…

Then problem came. Because of the better speed, I started doing more downloading and watching movies, yea..

Every time, yes, every time, I download a big file or watch a movie, the 2wire modem keeps restarting itself or other people call it 2wire modem drop out or connection drops repeatedly or whatever you call it.

It kept doing that for a week until yesterday when I couldn’t handle the frustration anymore and called ATT customer service. The gentleman was nice, worked with me for close to an hour doing this and that: from unhooking power to removing DSL filter, etc…

None worked so he finally concluded that the problem was with the 2Wire modem and that he would transfer me to someone who can send me a new one.

Then a lady greeted me with “It is a good day here at ATT, how can I make your day a good day?” That was pretty awesome so I told her that a support technician diagnosed my modem that it fails and I need a new one. She said it would cost me money for a new modem.

I told her I was under the impression that I would get a replacement without cost. She said it would cost me $100. I told her that wouldn’t make my day a good day. She said, “we ain’t give any modem for free.”

If I happen to have to spend on a new modem, I know I can get it for much less else where so I didn’t buy from the lady. I started to search Craigslist and found several of them for just $20. I emailed the sellers with some questions and waited.

In the mean time, I googled to see if anyone experiences the same issue. It turns out there are MANY and there is a solution to fix the 2Wire’s constantly drop out issue.

After tweaking several times, here is the final setting on my modem that works:
Wireless mode: 802.11b
Max connection: 12mbps
Authentication: WPA2
Under this setting, my modem never drops. Under 802.11g and other max connection setting, my 2wire drops.

How to change 2Wire wireless settings:

  1. Open up a browser and type: http://homeportal/ => hit Enter
  2. Click on “Home Network”
  3. Click on “Wireless Setting” (this is located under the ATT logo) => if your modem is password protected, it will prompt you for the password, go ahead and login
  4. Scroll down, you will find wireless mode and max connection under Additional Setting.

Hope this helps.