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Finding a local SEO expert is crucial in promoting the image that you want your potential clients to see. When looking for Search engine optimization in LA there should only be one reputable company to assist you in the process, SEO Los Angeles Services. Our focus is on local small to medium sized businesses that need assistance in promoting their products or services to the online market.

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How to edit iPhone/iPad hosts file?

For this method, you need to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad. Once jailbroken => launch Cydia => search for iFile and install it.

Once install, start iFile.

When you first start iFile, you are placed in the /var/mobile directory. The hosts file is located in /etc/hosts so in order to edit it, you need to navigate to the /etc directory.

To do that, you click on “var” under your phone’s signal bar => next click on “/”

Now scroll up, find “etc” and click on it.

Find the file “hosts” and click on it => then click on Text Viewer.

Now click on “Edit” (below your signal bar) and start editing.

Have fun.

How to sync apps from iphone to computer?

I finally bought an iPhone 4S, yay!!! I bought a few apps then every time when I try to sync apps to my Mac, iTunes pops up saying it wants to delete my apps.

It took me a while but I finally figured out how to sync my apps to my Mac:

In iTunes => under Devices => right click on my iPhone and click on “Transfer Purchases from”.

iTunes would start copying the apps to my Mac.

Once done, I can then tick on “Sync Apps” without a problem.

How to disable a Jetpack module?

Jetpack is really great and provides many very useful modules but on some sites, we do not need all of them; plus when we try out a module and we don’t like it, it is useful to know how to disable such module.

To disable a Jetpack module:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin
  2. Click on Jetpack to list the modules
  3. Find the module you want to deactivate
  4. Click on the Learn More button
  5. Pay attention to the Configure button on the right side of the “Learn More” button => this Configure button should now be changed to “Deactivate“
  6. Now click on that Deactivate button to disable that module.

Take care!