Fixing Vista HardDrive Hammering Problem

I have a Dell Quad Core 2.4GHz running Windows Vista Ultimate that I didn’t bother to use for several years now.

The problem? Even with such CPU power, the system boots very slowly, about 3-5 minutes before I can use it. And once the system finishes booting, the harddrive keeps hammering for hours making things very slow and the harddrive sound gives me headache 🙂

It really bothered me to the point I stopped using it completely. Yesterday, I pulled it out => had it factory restored and loaded it with scrapebox; a software to do backlinks for websites.

Things went great but I experienced the same slow booting up and harddrive hammering issues. I made a trip to Google and after about an hour of reading, I decided to make a Windows Vista Tweak and that fixed the problem entirely. The system now boots very fast, like Windows XP again! and the harddrive no longer makes annoying sound.

What Windows Vista Tweak did I perform? I disabled SuperFetch. SuperFetch is a program designed to give Vista users better computing experience. It preload the programs that we use often into memory so that when we need to run the programs, the programs can be started quickly.

It sounds great but it didn’t work that way. I am very happy now with SuperFetch disabled and I finally feel to have a useful computer again.

Here is how to disable SuperFetch:

  1. Click “Start” (or the Windows logo on the bottom left) => in the search box, type “services.msc” without quote and hit Enter
  2. You will see a whole bunch of lines => scroll down to find SuperFetch
  3. Once found, double click on SuperFetch => this would open up the SuperFetch Properties
  4. On the line that says “Startup Type” => select “Disabled”
  5. Click “Ok” and restart your computer
  6. Done

That is it. In the many years of owning this computer, I finally feel that I have a useful computer again.