How to capture screenshots under MAC OS X?

Ever since I switched to using MAC as my main OS, the Grab utility was the only tool I used to grab screenshots. It was great but Grab can only save the screenshots in .tiff format which Windows audience has trouble viewing. Every time, I had to use another imaging tool to convert .tiff to .png.

It has been time consuming so today I went ahead and looked for an alternative to Grab. My finding was surprisingly simple. MAC already has another wonderful image grabbing tool built-in. All I need to do to use it is to execute some simple shortcuts. Once grabbed, the images are saved to my desktop automatically under .png format, fit my needs perfectly.

Here are some of the commands on how to use the MAC OS X built-in screenshots grabbing utility:

This will grab your entire desktop:

Command + Shift + 3

This will grab the entire desktop but place on your clipboard so you can paste into a graphic program:

Command + Control + Shift + 3

This will allow you to drag and select an area on the screen:

Command + Shift + 4

This will allow you to select and capture an active window:

Command + Shift + 4 + Spacebar


– Press ESC if you want to cancel the commands above.

– Add “Control” (similar to command 2 above) to the command to put data on the clipboard instead of saving to a file.