Windows XP Guest OS inside Mac OS X

As many of you already know, I have switched to use MAC fulltime. MAC is really good, the experience is awesome and I enjoy it a lot.

Still because I use many programs and some of them do not run on MAC so I need to power up my Windows PC from now and then.

Windows Emulators

It is a little bit inconvenience so I recently looked into running Windows Software inside my MAC. I have tried many Windows emulators including CrossOver, CrossOver works wonderfully but still, some programs do not fully work as expected.

I then looked into virtualization thinking… the only way to make these Windows software to fully work is to have them running inside Windows. It turned out that I am correct. The virtualization software I am using is called VirtualBox. This is a free virtualization program developed by Sun Microsystems, now Oracle. It is very simple to use and is very stable.

Steps by Steps

Installing VirtualBox:

Simply download VirtualBox here
Once downloaded, simply double click on it and follow instructions to begin the installation
How to install Windows XP OS Guess in VirtualBox:

Start VirtualBox

  1. Hit “New” on the top left to start creating your virtual machine
  2. Click “Continue”
  3. Under Name, enter your virtual machine name, i.e. “Windows XP”
  4. Click “Continue” => then choose your memory size
  5. Click “Continue” several times => then choose your hard disk size
  6. Click “Create” to finish creating your virtual disk

Once your virtual disk is created, it will appear on the top left, inside the Virtual Box Manager => simply start it => virtual box will then prompt you to install the Guest OS => from here, enter your Windows XP CD into your CD drive and start the installation. If you have Windows XP in your computer as .iso file, you can select it and begin. Pretty easy.

One thing that I was struggling with was how to access the MAC OS X files from inside the Windows XP Guest. Here is the solution:

How to access MAC OS X files from inside Windows XP Guest OS:

  1. Once you have your Windows XP Guest OS fully installed => boot it up
  2. Click on “Devices” on the very top left menu => then click on “Install Guest Addition”
  3. Once complete, reboot your Guest OS
  4. Once Guest OS boots up => click on “Devices” => then click on “Shared Folder” => now choose the folders you want to access

Here is how to access the files inside Windows XP:

  1. – Click on Start => click on Run
  2. – Enter “explorer” without quote and click “Ok”
  3. – On the left menu => click on “My Network Places” => click on “Entire Network” => click on “VirtualBox Shared Folders”
  4. There you go, now you can open/edit/copy/paste the files/folders in your MAC OS X to your Windows XP Guest.

Hope this helps someone! Take care.

My Windows XP Guest OS inside MAC OS X